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Tune in, Dance out INFO

dress rehearsal order West Hill High school May 11th
Dancers come in your first costume, bring any other costumes.
please label all shoes/bags... whatever goes inside
doors open at 4:00 for dress rehearsal - the sooner everyone is there, the faster we will start.
If you have not signed up for backstage you are not allowed backstage.  Parents should stay and take pictures, do not just drop off.  Pictures and videos are not allowed during the performance so dress rehearsal is the perfect time to take advantage of an empty theatre. 
Hair and costumes must be done before going to the dressing room.
We start with the finale first and then run the order as listed below.   The numbers listed are the numbers that they are in the actual show.  Some numbers have been done previous to friday rehearsal to help getting the run thru done in a timely manner, 
Once dancers are done, they will return to the dressing room & gather their belongings and be released to go home from the back of the theatre.  It takes a while to get them from the stage back to you so be patient.
Show day May 12th -dancers arrive at 1pm- hair and make up done for first number.  Dancers remain backstage the entire show.  If you have not volunteered to help backstage you are not allowed backstage. Make sure everything is labeled with names. 
40 Finale
Act I
2  Saved by the Bell               9/10 Tap/Jazz-Thu-6-7                       Scott Sisbarro
4  Charlies Angels                  7/8 Tap/Jazz-Mon-4:45-5:45             Scott Sisbarro
6  Flinstones                           5/6 Pre-dance-Thu-4:15-5                  Scott Sisbarro
8  Love American Style          9/10 Tap/Jazz Mon 5:45-6:4  5          Scott Sisbarro
9  Fresh Prince                        7/8 Hip Hop- Thu-4:15-5                   Jenna Sherian
 10  Sesame Street                   3/4 Pre-dance-Thu-3:30-4:15             Scott Sisbarro
12  Happy Days                      7/8 Tap/Jazz-Wed- 5:15-6:15                        Scott Sisbarro
13  Best of both worlds          5/6 Pre-dance Sat 9:45-10:30             Jenna Sherian
14  Pink Panther                     5/6 Pre-dance-Wed-4:30-5:15                       Scott Sisbarro
15  Little House                      9/10 Ballet Wed. 4:15-5:15                Catherine Barribal
17  Video Killed the Radio Star 7/8 Tap/Jazz-Thu-5-6                    Scott Sisbarro
Act II
28  Love Boat                         3/4 Wed. Pre-dance 3:45-4:30           Scott Sisbarro
29  Hey Jesse                          5/6 Hippity Hop Thurs 3:30-4:15      Jenna Sherian
33  When we were Young      3/4 Pre-dance Sat 9:00-9:45               Jenna Sherian
21  Bandstand                         9/10 Tap/Jazz Mon 5:45-6:45                        Scott Sisbarro
22  Good Ol Boys                   Pre-dance boys class                          Scott Sisbarro
237/8 Ballet Monday              7/8 Ballet-Mon-4:00-4:45                  Jaclyn Hoffman
 26  Survivor                           9/10 Hip Hop- Thu-5:00-6:00                        Jenna Sherian
27Laverne and Shirley           7/8 Tap/Jazz-Wed- 5:15-6:15                        Scott Sisbarro
31  Adams Family                  9/10 Ballet-Mon-4:45-5:45                Jaclyn Hoffman
34  Gimme a Break                 7/8 Tap/Jazz-Mon-4:45-5:45                         Scott Sisbarro
37  The Facts of Life              7/8 Tap/Jazz-Thu-5-6                                     Scott Sisbarro
38  The Simpsons                   9/10 Tap/Jazz-Thu-6-7                       Scott Sisbarro
Thursday Dress Rehearsal- 5pm  hair and make up ready.
40 Finale :

1  Kaliedescope                                  Company Class -                                Diane Gudat
5 I Dream of Jeanie                            Int./Adv. Tap-Thurs 7-8                     Alesha Riles
7 I Love Lucy                                     11/12 Tap/Jazz Wed. 6:15-7:15         Scott Sisbarro
11  American Horror Story                Int. Modern Mon 6:45-7:45               Jaclyn Hoffman
18  Muppet Show ( no dress re)         11/12 Tap/Jazz Thu-7-8                     Scott Sisbarro
 19  Another Day of Sun                     Ryan & Grace                                    Alesha Riles
 20  Downton Abbey                           Adv. &Int. Ballet Tues.                      Catherine Barribal
23  I'll be there for you                       11/12 Tap/Jazz Wed. 6:15-7:15         Scott Sisbarro
24 The Bachelor                                 Int/Adv Jazz Thurs 8:00-9:00            Alesha Riles
29 Senior Farewell                             Hannah Bein & Grace Raskopf
32 Wonderful World of Disney         11/12 Ballet-Tue& Wed                     Catherine Barribal
35  West World Theme                      Adv. Modern Mon. 7:45-8:45                        Jaclyn Hoffman
36  Fame( no dress re )                       11/12 Tap/Jazz Thu-7-8                     Scott Sisbarro
39  Men of Snow                                Company                                             Lisa Pilato
16  The Monkee's                               Adult Tap-Thu-8-9                             Scott Sisbarro